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Let’s get down to business readers.  I am serious about this Youtube endeavor.  I have no expectations for immediate success because I’m a newbie, a baby youtuber with a measly 16 subscribers.  It would be nice to be successful, but I sincerely enjoy what I do.  Youtube reminds me of my dance days.  You put in blood, sweat, & tears and receive nothing in return.  I have nothing to show for the hundreds of hours of planning, filming, and editing I have done, but I could not be any more thankful for my 16 subscribers who chose me for me.  All that being said, I want to step up my game and make a run at being a successful Youtuber.  You follow my blog for a reason, and perhaps that reason will translate to Youtube.  In regard to my video content, my personality and style are down-to-earth and laid back; I discuss all aspects of my life including art, beauty, books, fashion,movies, etc.  I won’t beg you to check out my Youtube channel and subscribe.  However, if you are curious, watch this:

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I sincerely appreciate your support of my blog and hope we can continue to be online friends on Youtube.  If my videos do not suit your tastes, I completely understand.  We can still be blog friends. ;)

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– Lauren Michele

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Falling From Cloud Nine


Photo Credit: Shaden, Brooke. The Dream State. Web. 23 Apr. 2014. <;.

Hello readers!!  I am back.  I am actually in class right now, but I felt like writing, and today is a work day therefore I have the freedom to blog.  First of all, I want to thank Katy Perry for her lyrics, A.K.A. the title of this post, and Brooke Shaden for her relevant photograph.  This post is all about the transition from a good mood to a bad mood.  My Easter weekend was amazing.  I was smiling for three days straight, and at one point I was dancing around my house singing “Walking on Sunshine.”  Those who know me personally know the person I am describing is a total stranger to them.  Have no fear!  My “holiday high” did not last long after the sun went down Sunday night.  Understand that my good mood did not disappear because I was uncomfortable with being happy.  Reality hit me as soon as my schedule returned to normal.  I resumed working on mid-term projects, and things were going wrong left and right.  Life is not a Hallmark movie.  We earn moments of peace by working hard, but life requires more work than relaxation therefore the ratio is far from 50/50.  When you are in a good mood, enjoy the happiness.  Those are the moments you can cling to when life attacks from all sides.

Chin up readers!

– Lauren Michele  :)

“Everybody wants happiness.  Nobody wants pain.  But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”  – Unknown

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