El Gran Escape


Long time no “see” readers!  It has been almost two months since I last blogged.  I hope this blog post finds you well.  I myself am sick, most likely from stress, but am happy that the upcoming week is the last of this quarter of school.  I am officially 6 months away from graduating college, and I could not be more ready to finish.  This quarter has been rough, full of harsh portfolio critiques and drama around every corner.  My only conclusion is that I am still alive and treading water.  I have managed to find the perfect escape from reality.  As a writer, I find solace in drama therefore my go to is quality books and television shows.  I have recently fallen in love with two Spanish dramas: “Isabel” y “Los Hombres de Paco.”  I get a heaping dose of romance and a Castellano lesson all at the same time.  La perfeccion!!!  The only problem is that when I like something, I tend to develop obsession.  I take the word “Escape” literally and become a character in the book I am reading or the show I am watching.  There is nothing wrong with imagination, but the line should be drawn at discontent with reality.  I always have trouble not crossing that line.  When reality becomes unbearable, I “escape” through alternate realities and give up on living my life.  It is fun for a time, but reality cannot be avoided forever.  Now I have to go practice what I preach.  I will let you now how well that works out… or not.  Happy Spring!  I shall return very soon.

Make a great escape readers!!

– Lauren Michele  :)

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”  – Seth Godin