Dry Brush Kit | Minamul

I tried dry brushing for the first time last year, and the following is my review posted on amazon.com:

⚠ Disclaimer: Minamul contacted me to review their product, and I chose to do so because I was genuinely interested. This is an unpaid & honest review.

📝 Note: I have yet to use the konjac sponge therefore I have no thoughts regarding that product.

Information – There is a helpful chart that demonstrates what directions to brush in; it also has instructions for using the konjac sponge. Other than that, there is no information on what each brush is for or the benefits of dry brushing. I had to do outside research to fill in those gaps. It would be beneficial for the company and convenient for the customers if that information was provided in the bundle.

Brushes – I have sensitive skin, and the brushes, surprisingly, did not cause any irritation. With even pressure, you should feel a tingling sensation, not pain.

Side Effect – Not long into the process, I developed a painful breakout on my legs, specifically my thighs, which forced me to stop dry brushing below the waist. Because this product is meant to clean out the body, I don’t fault the company in any way. I just want future customers to be aware.

Results – After each dry brushing session, my skin felt softer and rejuvenated, and my mood was calm and relaxed. Even though the breakout on my legs was painful, it proved that the dry brushes work efficiently to clean out the body. It’s difficult to define the results because most of what is expected to happen is internal, not external. However, what I experienced is enough to know that these products are effective.

My main issue with this product has to do with the lack of educational information. Also, I am less likely to make another purchase from Minamul because I don’t need the entire bundle again, just some of the individual products. However, I assume that over time they will expand their product line so I will definitely be checking for updates. Overall, I think this bundle is great quality and perfect for first-time dry brushers.

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From Pack Rat to Minimalist

Borgman, Jim, and Jerry Scott. Web. 18 Aug. 2015. http://zitscomics.com/comics/september-20-2013/.

We have a fun topic to discuss this evening.  Seriously.  I cannot possibly be the only person on planet earth who made this transition.  Back in my middle school and junior high days, I was a pack rat.  I collected rocks, stickers, stamps, dolls, and stuffed animals.  I colored pictures, bought posters of my favorite quotes, and printed photographs of my favorite celebrities and put them all over my bedroom walls.  I never got rid of anything.  In my tween brain, everything had “nostalgic” value.  The cherry on top of the hoarder sundae was my messiness.  To this day I am organized in spurts, but more often than not, my environment is chaos.  As I made my way into those not-so-delightful high school years, I felt an intense desire to purge.  I got rid of trash bag after trash bag after trash bag of stuff, JUNK that had been sitting without purpose for years.  I am glad I was able to let go of all that stuff, but I do have a few regrets such as ripping up my first diary.  I had a very personal, emotional reason for doing so, but I desperately wish I had been strong enough at the time to hold on.  My bedroom style went from “Tweenhood Explosion” to ” European-Bohemian-Shabby Chic.”  My style has not changed much now that I am an adult so I will describe the basics in my current room:

  1. White furniture (One used bureau/cabinet, two used sidetables, one new 8-cubby shelf)
  2. Zebra bedspread layered on top of a purple bedspread & a multi-colored, multi-patterned blanket
  3. Black, white, and purple pillows
  4. Europe-inspired decor including framed illustrations and a Paris-patterned bench/trunk
  5. A few stuffed animals including Scooby-Doo, Mike Wazowski, and Sulley (Yes, I am 21)

It is fun to laugh at my once-cluttered living space (in terms of stuff, not cleanliness), but the evolution of style isn’t something to be ashamed of.  When I was a child, I had the freedom to be young and impulsive.  I didn’t care about outside opinions.  My bedroom was a space where I felt safe and happy, and that is all that mattered.  My tastes naturally shifted.  At the time, I was embarrassed by my room and wanted a change immediately, but really I was just maturing.  Nothing new under the sun, and nothing to be ashamed of.  At the risk of turning this discussion into a major cheese-fest, I encourage all of you to be yourselves.  I am a writer, and it is important for me to have a space where I feel comfortable and inspired.  Cover your walls with posters and proudly display your stuffed animals if that is who you are.  Think of it this way: Your bedroom is usually the last room you are in before closing your eyes and going to sleep; you should be excited to end up in that space after each and every day.

Screen+shot+2012-01-01+at+10.31.22+AM(Image Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-6S0YfpgKD98/TwCYlDnggpI/AAAAAAAAGXk/1Ajl3mUSaDA/s1600/Screen+shot+2012-01-01+at+10.31.22+AM.png)

Wow!  This post started out lighthearted and took a turn into the “Serious Zone.”  Nevertheless, I hope the message resonates with you.  “See” you soon readers!  :)

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Summer Essentials 2015

These are my must-haves for Summer 2015.  Watch the Youtube version here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYeTuY_DPJs – or continue reading.  Click the names of each product to get more information.  :)

*** I apologize in advance for the weird spacing!  I’m having technical problems with my blog but doing my best to fix them.

Sunscreen Spray


Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen spray takes less time to apply than sunscreen lotion but is just as effective.  Coppertone offers sprays ranging from SPF 30 to 100.

– Swimsuit –

Roxy Moroccan Beach Tiki Tri Tankini Top

Roxy Moroccan Beach Tiki Tri Tankini Top
Roxy Classic 2" Boardshort
I apologize for the bad quality.  I couldn’t find a better picture!
  Purple iPod nano 5th Generation
This is a 5th generation iPod Nano in purple.
– Books –
"Bookplate Special" by Lorna Barrett
This is what I am currently reading.  It is the third book in the Booktown Mysteries series by author Lorna Barrett.
Black Wayfarer Sunglasses
My sunglasses look exactly like these except for the Ray Ban logo; they don’t have any logo on the temples..  I bought them at Nordstrom Rack and took them home in a Lacoste case, but I vaguely remember that the Lacoste cases were all they had left.  Therefore, my sunglasses could very well not be Lacoste.
Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer
I use this as a moisturizer before applying makeup during the Spring and Summer seasons to give my skin extra color.  I use “Medium to Tan” to expedite the tanning process.
CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara
I have used this mascara since my relationship with makeup started back in junior high, and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon.  LOVE!
Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Custom Bronzer, The Bombshell Bronzer, "Blondes"
I wear this as a highlighter on top of my Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Bronzer.
Evian Facial Spray
I use this to cool down my skin, but it is also an inexpensive alternative to expensive makeup-setting sprays.
– Lip Balm –
EOS Smooth Spere Lip Balm, "Sweet Mint"
Rose Salve
I own way more lip balm than I need, but these two are my favorites.  EOS is great for day-to-day use, and Rose Salve is great for extremely chapped lips.
When the sun comes out, nothing beats the heat quite like a Starbucks frappuccino or iced coffee.  Can I get an amen??
Hey you, sunshine.  Bring on the heat!!  I.  Am.  Ready.
– Lauren Michele <3