Brain Fog

I had an opening shift at work this morning.  I’m not even close to being a morning person so it was already bound to be a bundle of laughs.  On top of that, my mind was in an absolute jumble.  I misunderstood words I read and instructions I received, and I couldn’t form anything remotely related to the English language.  I was incredibly frustrated and near tears by the time I clocked out.  My mom explained that since I’m susceptible to low blood sugar, it was most likely due to the lack of nutrition in my system.  In other words, I didn’t eat breakfast, and I should have.  I know I should eat from now on, but I most likely wont.  Why?  Because I’m weird and don’t like eating before work.

In other news, I’ve felt really encouraged and motivated recently due to the rise in number of followers on my blogs and Youtube channel.  Thank you so much for your support!!  If you haven’t checked out any of my other links, everything is provided down below.  Aside from this blog, I have an art blog and Youtube channel, and I’m all over social media.  Follow me everywhere to receive the latest updates on what I’m working on. :)

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– Lauren Michele <3

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Full Speed Ahead


The quote says it all.  The excitement of Christmas and the holiday blues are officially behind us.  February is only eleven days away.  It is time to press the gas and move forward.  Trust me, I am still in a “blah” mood, but I try to remind myself everyday that in order to make it to my college graduation in eight months, I have to complete and pass the remainder of my classes.  Therefore, full speed ahead!

I have a heavy homework load this quarter, but I will try my very best to maintain a consistent blog.  I am also working on my new Youtube channel.  Please check it out and subscribe:

I was very scared to put myself on public display; a lot of hurtful things are said on social media.  But, I have had the idea for awhile and finally decided that I would never know if it was a bad idea unless I tried.  So far I am having fun despite the amount of work it requires.  I appreciate the support I have received on Tumblr and WordPress, and I hope you all will continue to support me in my new endeavor.  I also want to encourage you to try new things.  Do not not let fear and what ifs control your life!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  – Neale Donald Walsch

“In spite of fear, do what you have to do.”  – Chin-Ning Nu

“I’m not what I have done.  I’m what I’ve overcome.”  – “What I’ve Overcome”, Fireflight

Stay motivated readers!

– Lauren Michele  :)