Nipping at Your Nose | Blogmas 2015

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It isn’t snowing in Southern California, except in the mountains, but it is finally cold.  And by cold, I mean freezing temperatures.  It’s about time!!!  I was getting fed up with sweating in my sweaters.  I’m still a little sick but much better than I was Sunday.  I’m working tonight so I spent my morning sleeping in and my afternoon relaxing on the couch blogging and watching Christmas movies.  Right now “Saved by the Bell” is playing.   I know, I know.  Such an exciting life!  I really wish I had more to blog about, but life in December has revolved around my new job.  “How is that going?” you might ask.  Forgive me for sounding like a whiny, broken record, but customers are so messy and inconsiderate.  The other day I found a Kate Spade perfume sans packaging on the floor under a display table.  KATE SPADE!!!  Who does that??  Last night, a fellow employee and I spent precious time cleaning up a spill in the beauty department.  Do you know how hard it is to wipe up beauty scrub?  Everything on the shelf was oily.  I don’t mind if a customer spills or break something because accidents happen, but tell an associate instead of leaving a mess that is potentially inconvenient/harmful to customers and/or other products.  Please & thank you.  In all seriousness, the job isn’t that bad.  I don’t hate it so that’s a plus.  On that note, I’m going to stop my rambling and go get ready for work.  I hope you are having a holly jolly Tuesday.  I shall return Thursday. ;)

* * * Get excited!!!  Today is the first day of Artmas.  Go check out the first artist – Artmas Day 1 – Amigurumi by Jean Greenhowe

Vlogmas – Lauren Michele

10 days until Christmas…

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– Lauren Michele <3

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Silent Night



My house is still covered in icicles; yet another opportune day to stay warm and let the spirit of Christmas sink into my soul.  That was rather poetic, was it not?!  Moving on.  My title is not only a reference to a timeless Christmas song but also my December 7th favorite:

What is your favorite Christmas memento?  Years ago, a small, blue matchbox music box caught my eye while I was shopping.  The top had a picture of shepherds, and when the inner box was pulled out, three wisemen spin around the nativity scene while “Silent Night” plays; if the box was pulled out the opposite way, a wind-up key could be found underneath.  I was enchanted by the small music box, but instead of buying it right then and there, I walked away.  I was not convinced that my decision was the right one, but I still walked away empty-handed.  I could not stop thinking about the music box; I even dreamed about it.  Finally, my mom convinced me that if I wanted it that much, it was worth a 30 minute drive.  I cannot remember exactly how much time passed, but I did finally get my music box, a music box that is my favorite Christmas memento.  You don’t have to do an extensive internet search to find a picture; just look directly above the first few sentences of this blog post.  Isn’t it charming?  Look up “matchbox music box” on Google, and you too can own one.

You probably noticed that my post has not one but two images.  I cannot bring up my favorite Christmas memento without mentioning that I also have a fascination with snow globes.  There is something very relaxing about staring at snow swirling around a scene while music plays.  The Christmas story is one of my favorite Bible stories, and I have wanted a nativity snow globe for quite some time.  My mom was kind enough to find and purchase one for me.  The picture at the beginning of this post is not the snow globe I won, but it is similar.  When I feel my Christmas spirit fading, I listen to my music box and stare into my snow globe.

I apologize if the sappiness and sentimentality is overwhelming; I will stop now before I cause anymore damage.

Stay merry readers!

– Lauren Michele  :)

“Silent night, Holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round young virgin , mother and child
Holy infant so, tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace!”