Anne with an “E”

Ever since the day I found out about the CBC/Netflix adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, I have been skeptical. I grew up with the Sullivan trilogy; if anyone asks what my favorite movie is, I answer with those three films. They are very near and dear to my heart, and it is difficult for me to accept anything else. The new series came to Netflix on May 12th. I tried numerous times to watch it but couldn’t bring myself to press play. I realize that I sound like a total drama queen, but keep in mind that I have always been compared to Anne who is the actual queen of drama. Fast forward to July 4th. I finally watched the first episode… and then the second episode… and then the third… two days later I’ve finished all seven, and I NEED MORE!!! Yes it is different from the 1985 movie, and no that is not a bad thing. The first episode was difficult to watch because I could only picture the Sullivan cast, but once I relaxed and and allowed myself to accept the changes, I was fine. Most of my favorite moments involved Anne & Gilbert and Rachel & Marilla. I hope the series continues for a very long time because I can already picture myself watching the cast grow with the story. Fellow AOGG fans, I understand the trepidation, but change isn’t always bad. If you haven’t watched Anne With an E, I highly recommend you give it a chance.

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– Lauren Michele <3

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The Great Mouse Detective

Continuing to stew in nostalgia, I watched this movie Thursday night, and it did not disappoint.  The influence of Sherlock Holmes is evident in all the right ways.  The overall style and vibe is Victorian and dark, and the dialogue is witty.  There are easter eggs that are sure to put a smile on your face:

1.  Mr. Holmes resides at 221 Baker Street.  Basil resides at 221 1/2 Baker Street

2.  Basil’s small, cozy home is located under and resembles Sherlock Holmes’ residence.

3.  Basil’s name refers to an alias of Sherlock Holmes and actor Basil Rathbone known for his film role as Holmes.

4.  Basil’s wardrobe and personality are obviously inspired by the famous detective.  The cape, hat, magnifying glass, and quirks are all there.

5.  What is Holmes without Watson??  I give you Dr. David Q. Dawson, the mouse version of Dr. John H. Watson.

6.  Sherlock Holmes’ shadow and voice make an appearance.  Because Basil Rathbone had passed away before this movie was made, an audio clip from a previous film was used.


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What are you waiting for??  Go watch the movie!!  😄

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– Lauren Michele <3

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