Super Bowl LIII

Let’s pretend two things:

1) Super Bowl LIII wasn’t utter crap. 😑

2) I wrote this on time. 😂

A m a z o n


If Harrison Ford is involved, I’m a fan. 😍

A v e n g e r s : E n d g a m e


The only time you will see grown men cry during a sport 💔

. . . although this particular Super Bowl made a lot of people shed tears of boredom. 😭

B u b l y 


This is a reminder that Michael Bublé is a North American treasure. 👑

B u d   L i g h t


Where does your allegiance lie? I bend the knee for House Stark. ❄️ 🐺 ❄️

C a p t a i n   M a r v e l


Another moment that made grown men cry. 😉



The Sheriff is a man of many talents. 🤠

C o l g a t e


I just can’t resist Luke Wilson. 🙃

D o r i t o s


🎵 I’m not a huge fan of the rap section, but this is a great commercial overall. 🎶

H o b b s   &   S h a w


🔥 Dwayne. Helen. Idris. Jason. Roman. 🔥

H y u n d a i


I’m in love with Jason Bateman. That is all. 💘

M i c r o s o f t


There’s something in my eye. 😢 💕



For once, NFL fans can all agree on something: This commercial is F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

O l a y


The timing of the face ID malfunction is modern day horror. Genius!

P e p s i


This is basically a Michael Scott SBLIII commercial, & I’m here for it.

P r i n g l e s


If a company transformed me into a virtual assistant: Debbie Downer 🤪

S t e l l a   A r t o i s


This is on the list because of Jeff Bridges’ fashion choices & use of “Stella Artoes.” 😂

T – M o b i l e



This may or may not be me . . . 😂 😂 😂


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– Lauren Michele ❤

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Blogmas 2014 – Merry Shopmas

Merry Shopmas

Happy December 3rd readers!  Despite the cloudy weather I experienced today, my Christmas spirit is not drenched (See what I did there??).  I actually enjoy cold, rainy weather.  The first half of my day was spent doing laundry.  Exciting stuff.  However, a mommy-daughter lunch at Coco’s made up for 3 1/2 hours of washing, drying, and folding.  After that, we made a quick stop at the store for some essential groceries A.K.A. salted caramel hot chocolate and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  What is it about the holidays that makes our shopping carts so unhealthy??  One word: tradition.  That one word can justify all things unhealthy, ranging from eggnog and hot chocolate to cookies and pies.  Well, it doesn’t really justify, but, in the spirit of Christmas, the details are blurred.  Some say “Holiday calories don’t count.”  Tell that to my body when it is screaming from pain after post-Christmas workouts.  Thank God Christmas only happens once a year.  Oh the struggle!!

Only 22 days until Christmas.  Stay merry readers!!

– Lauren Michele  :)

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. ”  – Buddy Hobbs, “Elf”