Super Bowl LIII

Let’s pretend two things:

1) Super Bowl LIII wasn’t utter crap. 😑

2) I wrote this on time. 😂

A m a z o n


If Harrison Ford is involved, I’m a fan. 😍

A v e n g e r s : E n d g a m e


The only time you will see grown men cry during a sport 💔

. . . although this particular Super Bowl made a lot of people shed tears of boredom. 😭

B u b l y 


This is a reminder that Michael Bublé is a North American treasure. 👑

B u d   L i g h t


Where does your allegiance lie? I bend the knee for House Stark. ❄️ 🐺 ❄️

C a p t a i n   M a r v e l


Another moment that made grown men cry. 😉



The Sheriff is a man of many talents. 🤠

C o l g a t e


I just can’t resist Luke Wilson. 🙃

D o r i t o s


🎵 I’m not a huge fan of the rap section, but this is a great commercial overall. 🎶

H o b b s   &   S h a w


🔥 Dwayne. Helen. Idris. Jason. Roman. 🔥

H y u n d a i


I’m in love with Jason Bateman. That is all. 💘

M i c r o s o f t


There’s something in my eye. 😢 💕



For once, NFL fans can all agree on something: This commercial is F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

O l a y


The timing of the face ID malfunction is modern day horror. Genius!

P e p s i


This is basically a Michael Scott SBLIII commercial, & I’m here for it.

P r i n g l e s


If a company transformed me into a virtual assistant: Debbie Downer 🤪

S t e l l a   A r t o i s


This is on the list because of Jeff Bridges’ fashion choices & use of “Stella Artoes.” 😂

T – M o b i l e



This may or may not be me . . . 😂 😂 😂


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– Lauren Michele ❤

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Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX (Source:

I am not excited about this post, but I feel it is appropriate for the time of year.  First of all, go Broncos!!!!!  Second of all, the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks on February 1st, 2014, in Super Bowl XLIX; the final score was 28 to 24.  I was for the Seattle Seahawks because they are the lesser of two evils in my personal opinion.  I ended up with no voice and disappointment.  UGH!!!  Super Bowl 50, Denver Broncos.  I’ve said my peace.  Moving on to stats.  I am only listing the basics: Passing, receiving, & receiving.  We all know who won so no need for fumbles, penalties, and records.  Diehard fans can go to for the extra information.


MVP – Tom Brady (#12):  50 attempts & 37 completed passes.  328 yards.  4 touchdowns & 2 interceptions.  1 sack.

Russell Wilson (#3):  21 attempts & 12 completed passes.  247 yards.  2 touchdowns & 1 interception.  3 sacks.


– New England –

Julian Edelman (#11):  9 catches & 109 yards.  1 touchdown.

Rob Gronkowski (#87):  6 catches & 68 yards.  1 touchdown.

– Seattle –

Chris Matthews (#13):  4 catches & 109 yards.  1 touchdown.

Ricardo Lockette (#83):  3 catches & 39 yards.


– New England –

LeGarrette Blount (#29):  14 carries & 40 yards.

Shane Vereen (#34):  4 carries & 13 yards.

– Seattle –

Marshawn Lynch (#24):  24 carries & 102 yards.

Russell Wilson (#3):  3 carries & 39 yards.


Time to address the halftime show.  I thought Katy Perry sounded great and put on a great show.  The song choices were appropriately matched to each stage set-up, and “Firework” was the chill-inducing finale I expected it to be.  And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for… THE COMMERCIALS!!!  Because my team was not playing in the big game, I was not as interested therefore I missed most of the commercials.  However, I saw enough of them to give you a list of my favorites and honorable mentions.  Companies were really tugging at heartstrings this year.  There were funny commercials, but the commercials that made the most impact were deep and emotional.  Interesting.

*Best Heartwarming Commercial:

Toyota –  (This commercial is all about dads, specifically the dad & daughter relationship.  It made me appreciate my dad even more!!)

– Honorable Mention:

Dove –  (Another heartwarming dad commercial)

*Best Adorable Commercial:

Nationwide Insurance –  (Mindy Kaling is so relatable!)

– Honorable Mention:

Budweiser –  (Who doesn’t love watching an adorable puppy get rescued by beautiful horses?!)

*Best Funny Commercial:

Clash of Clans –  (It’s Liam FREAKING Neeson!!  Enough said.)

– Honorable Mentions:

Sprint –  (They were not shy about calling out AT&T and Verizon.  BOOM!)

Snickers –  (Never thought I would see Danny Trejo on “Brady Bunch.”  That is quite possibly bucket list-worthy.)

*So Bad It Was Funny Commercial:

T-Mobile –  (I hated seeing a Kardashian YET AGAIN on TV, but the content was funny.  Kim K. really believes in the cause.  HAHAHA )

*Cringeworthy Commercial:

Nationwide Insurance –  (This commercial didn’t make me cringe in a disgusted way.  It’s just extremely sad!)

– Honorable Mention:

Weight Watchers –  (I’m not overweight, but seeing so many images of fatty foods made me want to join Weight Watchers. I felt sick!)

*Make It Stop Commercial:

Game of War –  (I have seen this commercial on the “Trivia Crack” app more times than I can count.  Enough already!!)

I will wrap up with a 2015-2016 prediction.  Denver Broncos, Super Bowl 50, victory.  Realistically, this is more of a wish than a prediction, but if it happens, I can take credit.  Good night readers!  I leave you with this  quote:

“Don’t walk through life just playing football. Don’t walk through life just being an athlete. Athletics will fade. Character and integrity and really making an impact on someone’s life, that’s the ultimate vision, that’s the ultimate goal – bottom line.”  – Ray Lewis

– Lauren Michele :)

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