Lost in Translation

Time for another story from the misadventures of Lauren Michele Stewart! Just kidding. This tale is actually very thought-provoking. *GASP*

Back in my college days Spanish dramas were my escape from reality, Isabel, Los Hombres de Paco, & Un paso adelante being my personal favorites. On top of that, I listened to a lot of Spanish music in an attempt to perfect my ear for the beautiful language of España. Never in a million years did I think that music and TV shows in another language would affect me around English speakers, but it did indeed happen. One day while I was in class, my ears started to interpret English in a different way. At first I thought I was just extremely tired, which is normal for a student, but careful listening proved that I was indeed hearing what sounded like the only other language in my life: Spanish. At one point I silently prayed that the teacher and students wouldn’t talk to me because I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Even though I was hearing a familiar language, my brain wasn’t distinguishing the words. After a few minutes everything went back to normal, but I never forgot what happened.

The experience gave me a higher level of respect for both polyglots and immigrants learning a foreign language. I wasn’t necessarily scared or overwhelmed, but it was unexpected and left me feeling disoriented. I don’t necessarily have a moral or a mind-blowing message to share with you. I just thought the experience was unique, something I’d never heard of before. I wish my tongue had miraculously become bilingual in that moment and remained so. 😂 As a side note, I highly recommend utilizing television and music as immersion techniques for learning a language. I am by no means fluent, but I understand a decent chunk of Castilian Spanish. I refer to a specific type because that is what my ears are accustomed to; I have a very hard time understanding accents outside of Spain. 🇪🇸

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– Lauren Michele <3

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Emotions, Emotions, & More Emotions

The day/night has gone from bad to worse, and I am absolutely thrilled to be here telling this tale.  Please don’t feel sympathetic because this whole sob story revolves around a TV show.  Yes, that is where my life is at right now.  A little less than one week ago, I discovered the show “Velvet” on Netflix.  It takes place in 1950s Spain and revolves around a fashion store and the relationship between Alberto Marquez and Ana Ribera.  Netflix has 2 seasons, but the show was just renewed for season 4 in Spain.  I knew about the delay beforehand, but the last episode of season 2 still brought with it disappointment.  My afternoon was spoiled by the realization that I had no episodes left to watch, at least for now.  I shouldn’t have done it, but I gave in to curiosity and feverishly searched the internet for clues as to what happens in season 3.  WORST.  IDEA.  EVER.  If you are currently watching “Velvet” and do not want to know what happens, please STOP reading NOW.  Seriously.  SPOILERS AHEAD.  You’ve been warned.

Alberto dies, and Ana, amidst the devastation, gives birth to his child.  I am sure this news did not really affect you emotionally.  Me on the other hand, I am a mess.  I have been crying non-stop, and I feel like I’m going to throw up.  Why such a violent reaction?  I have no job therefore I had the time to dedicate several days of my life to Alberto and Ana’s love story.  We, yes we, went through a lot of ups and downs this week.  Finally, after two seasons worth of drama, they were together and happy.  Of course something tragic had to happen.  This is television.  No one can be happy!!  I was so anxious to watch the new episodes, and now I don’t think I can watch the show ever again.

Wow!  I need a job.  Or a hobby that pays well.  😂  I desperately need to watch something funny.  Perhaps my favorite show “The Office.”  If that doesn’t make me feel better, I am beyond help.  Hint to Antena 3:  Jim and Pam get married and live happily ever after.  NO ONE DIES.  Oy vey!  Is that so hard?!  Why is television so emotionally stressful???

Update: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Alberto is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The moral of this story is I overreacted without actually watching season 3 and seeing for myself every single scene, not just a clip on Youtube.  I am so flipping happy right now but also mad.  Really really mad.  Unbelievably mad that I had to go through this whole ordeal within one hour.  I send my sincerest of apologies to Antena 3.  Lo siento!  Keep up the good work!

Update #2:  It is now 11am, and I am somewhat awake.  I ended up watching a few episodes of “The Secret Life of an American Teenager.”  After all, what I really needed was more drama.  😂

If you are interested in watching “Velvet” because this post was a fantastic promotion, here are the necessary links:

• Antena 3 Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/antena3

• Antena 3 Website – http://www.antena3.com/series/velvet/

• Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/VelvetA3/

• IMDB – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2955402/

• The show is available on Netflix in Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Tuesday.  If you haven’t already, click the links down below to read my blog posts on the 88th Academy Awards.  “See” you soon readers!

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– Lauren Michele <3

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El Gran Escape


Long time no “see” readers!  It has been almost two months since I last blogged.  I hope this blog post finds you well.  I myself am sick, most likely from stress, but am happy that the upcoming week is the last of this quarter of school.  I am officially 6 months away from graduating college, and I could not be more ready to finish.  This quarter has been rough, full of harsh portfolio critiques and drama around every corner.  My only conclusion is that I am still alive and treading water.  I have managed to find the perfect escape from reality.  As a writer, I find solace in drama therefore my go to is quality books and television shows.  I have recently fallen in love with two Spanish dramas: “Isabel” y “Los Hombres de Paco.”  I get a heaping dose of romance and a Castellano lesson all at the same time.  La perfeccion!!!  The only problem is that when I like something, I tend to develop obsession.  I take the word “Escape” literally and become a character in the book I am reading or the show I am watching.  There is nothing wrong with imagination, but the line should be drawn at discontent with reality.  I always have trouble not crossing that line.  When reality becomes unbearable, I “escape” through alternate realities and give up on living my life.  It is fun for a time, but reality cannot be avoided forever.  Now I have to go practice what I preach.  I will let you now how well that works out… or not.  Happy Spring!  I shall return very soon.

Make a great escape readers!!

– Lauren Michele  :)

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”  – Seth Godin