Alta Mar Is Over

I desperately need to talk about Alta Mar & how it ended. Buckle your seatbelt & settle in because I am M-A-D & ready to rant. 😡 If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I love Spanish television. When Alta Mar made its debut on Netflix, I was thrilled. It had some of my favorite things: the 1940s, a murder mystery, & European Spanish (I’m so close to being 5% fluent). Let’s look at a timeline that leads up to the dumpster fire that is 2020:

• ⚠️ • ⚠️ • ⚠️ •   T H E R E   W I L L   B E   S P O I L E R S   • ⚠️ • ⚠️ • ⚠️ •

11/15/18 – I find out about a new Bambú + Netflix show called Alta Mar


5/24/19 – I start & finish season 1

9/12/19 – I find out the premiere date of season 2: November 22nd


11/22/19 – I start watching season 2

11/23/19 – I watch season 2, episode 2

11/26/19 – I watch season 2, episode 3

12/12/19 – I watch season 2, episodes 4 & 5

1/1/20 – I watch season 2, episode 6

1/2/20 – I watch the last 2 episodes of season 2

7/16/20 – I find out the premiere date of season 3: August 7th. For some reason it’s being marketed as the Bárbara de Braganza’s final voyage. 🤔


8/10/20 – I start season 3 & watch 3 episodes. Halfway mark!

8/11/20 – I watch season 3, episode 4

8/12/20 – I accidentally see a season 3 finale spoiler & a rumor that the show is ending. Signs of impending doom!

8/13/20 – I almost watch the final two episodes but can’t bring myself to do it. I know what’s coming! 💔

8/14/20 – I rip off the bandaid & watch the final two episodes. I SOB!! 😭 

8/19/20Reports confirm that Alta Mar season 4 has been cancelled, & the show will not continue. 😭 💔

From the beginning the show focused on Carolina Villanueva, her sister Eva, & Bárbara de Braganza officer Nicolás Vázquez. Eva & Nicolás were set up as love interests, but then the story took a turn: he had a French wife named Chantal who was arrested & taken to a concentration camp during World War II; he didn’t know where she was or if she was still alive so they were still legally married. When you don’t know that, it’s easy to root for the onscreen couple with red hot chemistry. Once the bombshell dropped, it was impossible to root for a new woman knowing Nicolás had a wife who was in a concentration camp. Personally I think that storytelling choice was in poor taste, especially the latter part. That was the first sign of trouble.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. I really really REALLY wanted to root for Eva & Nicolás as a couple, but eventually I settled down & was (sort of) okay knowing his character would still be on the show. Boy oh boy did I have another thing coming! His wife showed up at the end of season 2, but I knew that was coming. What I didn’t know was how his character’s story arc would go in season 3. In a shorter season with only 6 episodes, he had less screen time & died in the series finale. The cherry on top was the cancellation of season 4 & the show ending on such a sad note. I don’t understand! Did COVID-19 throw a wrench in the works? Or were they always planning to kill off a main character? Either way the changes hit me out of nowhere & don’t makes any sense. In fact, none of the storytelling payoff makes sense. Why was the chemistry between Eva & Nicolás important if he was married? Why was his reunion with his wife Chantal important if he was going to die? I know the writers were trying to create drama, but it just didn’t work for me. And then, after only two seasons, Nicolás’ death felt like a cruel trick, a send off without warning & a proper goodbye. The cast & show had so much potential, & now I feel like I gained nothing from watching except a whole lot of disappointment. 😢

Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson because I’m once again putting my trust in Bambú & Netflix. They’re collaborating on a new show called Jaguar, & I’m ready to have my heart broken again . . . well, maybe I could do without the heartbreak. I’m ready to fall in love with a Spanish show & love it from beginning to end. 2021, don’t let me down! 🇪🇸

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– Lauren Michele ❤

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Super Bowl 50

Last year, on February 2, 2015, I predicted that the Denver Broncos would win Super Bowl 50.

“I am not excited about this post, but I feel it is appropriate for the time of year.  First of all, go Broncos!!!!!  Second of all, the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks on February 1st, 2014, in Super Bowl XLIX; the final score was 28 to 24.  I was for the Seattle Seahawks because they are the lesser of two evils in my personal opinion.  I ended up with no voice and disappointment.  UGH!!!  Super Bowl 50, Denver Broncos.  I’ve said my peace.”

“I will wrap up with a 2015-2016 prediction.  Denver Broncos, Super Bowl 50, victory.  Realistically, this is more of a wish than a prediction, but if it happens, I can take credit.”


– Super Bowl 50 –

Denver Broncos 24 | Carolina Panthers 10

I am so proud and happy for my boys in orange & blue.  Each and every one of them worked hard to overcome obstacles early in the season and fight their way back to the top.  Outside of the Denver circle, most people said they didn’t have a chance against Carolina.  Two years ago, we were the favorites, and we got crushed by Seattle.  Yes it feels good to come back and win, but I think the sweetest part of this victory is winning when no one thought we could or would.

– Offense –

Was this the worst offense I have ever seen?  No.  Was it the best?  No.  The offense didn’t step up when it mattered, BUT they did enough to establish an early lead and give the defense something to work with. In the upcoming year, the offense needs some work.  I’m not sure Demaryius Thomas deserves to stay.  He struggled throughout the playoffs and didn’t show up in the Super Bowl.  Unforgivable at this point in his career.  I’m impressed with Emmanuel Sanders.  Pretty much all of Peyton Manning’s highlights have Sanders at the other end of the ball.  The passing & receiving wasn’t impressive, but the rushing was even worse.  We’ve successfully run the ball play after play in past games, but we are inconsistent.  Better management of the run game is a must for next season.

Punt Return Stats:

Jordan Norwood: 1 return for 61 yards, longest in Super Bowl history.

• Passing Stats

Peyton Manning: Completed 13 of 23 passes for 141 yards.

• Rushing Stats

C.J. Anderson: 23 carries for 90 yards.  One touchdown.

Ronnie Hillman: 5 carries for 0 yards.

• Receiving Stats

Emmanuel Sanders: 6 receptions for 83 yards.

Andre Caldwell: 2 kick returns, 42 yards.  1 reception for 22 yards.

Owen Daniels: 1 reception for 18 yards.

C.J. Anderson: 4 receptions for 10 yards.

Demaryius Thomas: 1 reception for 8 yards.

– Special Teams –

Kicker Brandon McManus scored 10 of our total 24 points, more than the entire offense combined.  The offense only scored 8 points.  Well done!

• Kicking Stats

Brandon McManus: 3/3 field goals and 1/1 extra point for 10 points total.

• Punting Stats

Britton Colquitt: 8 punts, 367 yards.

– Defense –

These men were the real superstars of SB50.  Their outstanding defense held the #1 NFC team to 10 points.  Leading the way was Mr. Vonn Miller A.K.A. Super Bowl 50 MVP.  If you don’t know his name by now, learn it & respect it.  He pulled his weight with tackles AND caused a Panthers turnover that ended in a touchdown thanks to Malik Jackson.  The only negative I want to mention is Aquib Talib. Way too many penalties for one player.

• Defense Stats

Danny Trevathan: 4 solo tackles, 8 total.  1 fumble recovery.

T.J. Ward: 4 solo tackles, 7 total.  1 fumble recovery.  1 interception.

Vonn Miller: 5 solo tackles, 6 total.  2.5 sacks.

Chris Harris Jr: 5 solo tackles.

Aquib Talib: 5 solo tackles.

Malik Jackson: 5 solo tackles.  1 fumble recovery.

Demarcus Ware: 3 solo tackles, 5 total.  2 sacks.

Derek Wolfe: 3 solo tackles, 5 total.  0.5 sacks.

Brandon Marshall: 2 solo tackles, 5 total.

Corey Nelson: 4 solo tackles.

Darian Stewart: 3 solo tackles.  1 sack.

Josh Bush: 2 solo tackles.

Bradley Roby: 2 solo tackles.

Shane Ray: 2 solo tackles.

Vance Walker: 1 solo tackle, 2 total.

Sylvester Williams:  1 solo tackle, 2 total.

Emmanuel Sanders: 1 solo tackle.

Kayvon Webster: 1 solo tackle.

Michael Schofield: 1 solo tackle.

Shaquil Barrett: 1 solo tackle.

Stats Source:

Let’s talk Peyton Manning.  Did he have a great game?  No.  Should he have played better?  Yes.  Could he have played better?  I’m not sure he could have.  Did he have something to prove?  No.  Before Super Bowl 50, he had multiple honors and titles including five-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl XLI MVP, leader in touchdown passes and passing yards, and one Super Bowl ring (“Peyton Manning Biography”).  Now, add one more Super Bowl ring and the title of “Oldest QB to Start a Super Bowl.”  Should he retire?  Yes.  Take this Super Bowl title and bow out gracefully.

I want to mention someone else who made this title possible: Brock Osweiler.  He replaced Peyton Manning mid-season and won 4 of 7 games.  Those numbers do not include the last regular season game versus San Diego in which Peyton replaced Brock during the game and led the team to victory (“Brock Osweiler”).  Backup QBs don’t usually play a part in helping their team win a Super Bowl, but the 2015 Broncos are a different breed.  Thank you Brock!  T-E-A-M!

Congratulations and thank you to Coach Kubiak and the Denver Broncos management & staff!!

– Halftime Show –

I am really upset that Beyonce and Bruno Mars made an appearance.  I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce, and she appears everywhere else.  Why was a Super Bowl appearance necessary?  Bruno Mars had his time in the spotlight last year, and it was great.  Why did he have to come back?  I love Coldplay.  They were the halftime show performers, and the stage should have been theirs the entire time.  That being said, their solo performance was good but not great.

– Super Bowl Commercials –

I have gathered what I think are the best of the best from last night’s commercials.  What was your favorite Super Bowl 50 commercial?

– American –

• Jack in the Box

– Applause Worthy –

• Budweiser

• Honorable Mention: Colgate

– Art Appreciation –

• Skittles featuring work by artist Jason Mecier

– Cute –

• Doritos

– Funny –

• T-Mobile

• Honorable Mentions: Avocados From Mexico, Kia, Hyundai, Snickers, & Shock Top

– Heartwarming & Funny –

• Hyundai

– Inspiring –

• Audi

– Super Cool –

• Coca-Cola

• Honorable Mention: Schick Hydro

– My Favorite –

• Honda

See you next year readers!  Maybe the Broncos will win the Super Bowl again. :D  If they do, I’m taking credit for the prediction. ;)

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– Lauren Michele <3

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