Disney+ Marathon Day 28 | December 9

11:30am – Rise & shine! 🌞

12pm – Hallmark Christmas Movie Marathon 🎄

10pm – Bath + High School Musical

HSM was directed by Kenny Ortega. I don’t need to tell you who that is. 🌟 If you don’t know, you don’t deserve to know. 😂

It’s not a secret that Drew Seeley provided Troy Bolton’s singing voice. Please hold. ☎️ I will provide my feelings tomorrow . . . 😑

In the beginning of the film when Troy arrives for the first day of school, Chad Danforth says “. . . it’s gonna be a happy wildcat new year man! Because in two weeks we’re going to the championships with you leading us to infinity and beyond.” To infinity and beyond. Buzz Lightyear. Toy Story. 🧸

Ms. Darbus might actually be my favorite HSM character. She’s dramatic & reminds me of my film teacher in college. She also has the best quotes, & her banter with Coach Bolton is hilarious. 😂

*Chad is holding a basketball* – “Mr. Danforth! This is a place of learning, not a hockey arena.”

“And while we are working, let us probe the mounting evils of cell phones. Perhaps the most heinous example of cell phone use is ringing in the theatre. The theatre is a chapel of arts, a precious cornucopia of creative energy.”

“It’s called crime and punishment, Bolton. Besides, proximity to the arts is cleansing for the soul.”

*Referencing the basketball team* – “This school is about more than just young men in baggy shorts flinging balls for touchdowns.”

“Now, I give every student an even chance, which is a long and honorable tradition in the theatre, something that you wouldn’t understand, but if he is planning some sort of a practical joke in my chapel of the arts . . . I will not allow my ‘Twinkle Town Musicale’ to be made into a farce.”

“This morning, during free period, will be your chance for the musicale auditions. Both singles and pairs. I will be in the theatre until noon for those of you bold enough to extend the wingspan of your creative spirit.”

“Casting the leads of a show is both a challenge and a responsibility, a joy and a burden. I commend you and all other young artists to hold out for the moon, the sun, and the stars. Shall we soar together?”

If you’re an HSM superfan, you know better than to skim past Chad Danforth’s wardrobe. Every graphic t-shirt he wears features a fun/funny quote such as “I come with my own background music.”

Remember the vocal warm-ups that Ryan & Sharpay Evans do?? I’ve been doing those ever since I saw the movie for the first time. I also sing Troy & Gabriella’s version of What I’ve Been Looking For. No voice lesson is complete without either of those things. 🎤

After they perform What I’ve Been Looking For, Sharpay reminds Ryan that she told him not to do the jazz square. He replies with “It’s a crowd favorite. Everybody loves a good jazz square.” My friends & I quoted this in dance class every time we did jazz squares across the floor or in a routine. 😂

During the montage of Troy & Gabriella preparing for their callback, I’m pretty sure Zac Efron’s singing voice was used for Breaking Free. When they perform the entire song at the end of the movie, the first few lines also sound like Zac. Listen carefully! I really do think it’s him & not Drew. And yes, I do know that his voice was mixed with Drew’s. The majority is still Drew. I can’t talk about it. You’ll find out why tomorrow. 🤭

📣 G – O – D – R – A – M – A – C – L – U – B – EXCLAMATION POINT! 😂 

I saw something in the credits that legitimately surprised me. I didn’t know that Drew Seeley, credited as Andrew Seeley, helped write Get’cha Head in the Game. 🎼

Final thoughts for the day: I’ve already said a lot so I will bid you goodnight & stop talking. I hope you enjoyed my HSM lovefest because there are two days left, & there’s really only one way to end this marathon. 😉

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– Lauren Michele ❤

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