Disney+ Marathon Day 11 | November 22

8:40am – Rise & shine! 🌞

I need y’all to know the sacrifice I am making for this marathon. One of my FAVORITE Spanish shows has a new season on Netflix, & I’m staying away to focus on Disney Plus. 😭

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5KUM0LF0d6/

11:20am – Filming + Even Stevens 📷 

S1E4 – What’ll Idol Do?

S1E5 – All About Yvette

S1E6 – Louis in the Middle

12:45pm – Filming + Lizzie McGuire 📷 

S1E12 – Between a Rock and a Bra Place

Lizzie freaking out over bra shopping is R E L A T A B L E. 😱

S1E13 – Come Fly With Me

S1E14 – Random Acts of Miranda

👁 Spotted: Orlando Brown from That’s So Raven & The Proud Family

For a glee club recital, Miranda sings Reflection from Mulan. 🎤

S1E15 – Lizzie’s Nightmare

S1E16 – Obsession

🍃 This episode has such an important message. I’m totally in support of doing what we can to care for our environment, but there is a line which is crossed by Lizzie. She becomes so obsessed with having a hand in every single environmental issue that she lashes out at the people around her for not doing as much as her. That has a negative effect on both her personal & school life. There are practical ways to make a difference without isolating yourself & stalling your life. 🌎

S1E17 – Sibling Bonds

6:45pm – Editing a video + Cadet Kelly 💻

Christy & Hilary + Superchick = The best dance battle in existence! 🌟

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXqQvAoxH28

8:50pm – Editing a video + Lizzie McGuire 💻 

S1E18 – Rated Aargh

S1E19 – Gordo and the Girl

Does anyone else have a special place in their heart for The Coffee Bean because of Lizzie McGuire?? Lizzie & her friends hang out at The Digital Bean. Digital Bean. Coffee Bean. So close! ☕️

👁 Spotted: Kyla Pratt from The Proud Family

Final thoughts for the day: First of all, it was a busy day full of filming, but I had a great time hanging out with Christy Carlson Romano & Hilary Duff. Second, remember the sacrifice I was talking about earlier? I may or may not be contemplating a warm bath & some Alta Mar on Netflix at this very moment. Oops! 🙊 Just a heads up: I have to work tomorrow night so I’ll probably be watching one movie earlier in the day. I’ll make it a good one. 👍 See you tomorrow! 👋

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– Lauren Michele ❤

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