No Calm Before The Storm | Blogmas 2018

I feel like such a failure! I promised more blog posts, & here I am starting Blogmas 2018 on December 7th. I hate to give excuses so all I will say is . . . life happened. 😢

In years past, I’ve opened up about my lack of holiday spirit. This year I’m craving the joy that’s been missing. The past few months have been an emotional roller coaster ride, and it seems like the medicine I need is a heaping spoonful of cheesy Christmas romance best served by Hallmark. Unfortunately my schedule filled up quickly. On top of my retail hours, I’ve been filming, editing, & uploading Vlogmas videos on YouTube. This week I’m participating in TisTheSeasonAThon, a holiday-themed readathon, & next week I start working on Artmas 2018 for my art blog. Other than that, I’m free as a bird. 😂

I’ll end with some positivity. I am currently sitting in a recliner with a homemade frappuccino watching holiday baking shows. A Christmasy end to a bah-humbug day! I promise to check back in with you very very soon. 😘

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– Lauren Michele ❤

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