Do You Want to Build a Snowman?



Due to my new job, my schedule has been a bit hectic this week.  I finally have some free time today!  I hope you don’t mind that this blog post is Disney-related.  Yes, this post is about Frozen, but hear me out before you roll your eyes and walk away.  First of all, I’m going to be honest and tell you I have not actually watched the movie.  As a Disney fanatic, I know that is like admitting to a crime, but I simply haven’t had an opportunity to do so.  Now that my “crime” is out in the open, I want to shine a light on what I believe is a hidden gem in the soundtrack.  The hype around Frozen has been unreal, and the film & music are in no way eligible for the label “underrated.”  However, I think there is a song that deserves a lot more recognition.  Do You Want to Build a Snowman starts out cute and transitions into a very serious and emotional song.  Elsa has isolated herself from the world, and Anna knocks on her door at three different ages asking her to build a snowman.  The first time she knocks, Anna is 5 years old (voiced by Katie Lopez).  The second time she is 9 (voiced by Agatha Lee Monn).  When Kristen Bell takes over as her singing voice the third and final time, Anna is 18.  Katie and Agatha did such a great job capturing Anna’s childish innocence and personality.  Well done ladies!  I want to shine a very special spotlight on Kristen because she deserves so much more credit for the depth and emotion she adds to the final verse.  Every time I hear her sing the lyrics, I’m a blubbering mess.  I have provided a video of the scene/song down below.  I highly recommend you close your eyes because even without watching, Kristen’s voice makes you feel and understand what is happening.  How do I know that??  I’ve only ever heard the song.  I watched the movie scene for the first time today.



I cried watching it!  Did you?  From the title, you would never think of this song as emotionally impactful, but it truly is.  Disney tricked us!! 😂


• Bonus Video | The song starts at 0:51



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– Lauren Michele <3

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