Spring Needs to Unspring


Let the rant begin:  I didn’t experience a proper fall or winter so why on earth would I be prepared for spring?!!  Spring sounds good in theory: cloudless skies, sunshine, colorful flowers, etc.  Only one problem: I hate all of those things!  Except flowers.  I like flowers.  The only other thing I like about spring is the rain, but I live in California.  We don’t get rain, only 24/7 life-draining sunshine.  Also, for once I’d like people to say they love fall and/or winter and not change their minds when warmer weather rolls into town.  You either love the cold or you don’t.  Don’t be wishy washy!  Follow my example.  I am consistently “Debbie Downer” when the sun decides to grace my living space with its presence. ;)

Okay.  Got that out of the way.  I promise to try being positive about spring, but I make no promises.  It is currently 77° and sunny outside.  I am watching “Friends” on Netflix, eating dried pineapple, and talking to all of you lovely people.  I’m also storing energy for my workout later in the day.  Just like the pros! 😂


I leave you with my current favorite song, which just so happens to be appropriate for the impending warmer weather.  Enjoy!


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– Lauren Michele <3

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