Happy Birthday Pixar! | Part 1

The official 30th birthday of Pixar was February 3rd, but the celebration is lasting all year long.  Let’s throw our own “party” readers.  I’m going to answer some Pixar-related questions.  Feel free to participate and leave your own answers in the comment section below. :)

– Favorite Movie –

(I’m counting both of these movies as one)  I have been touched emotionally by a lot of Pixar movies, the “Toy Story” series being at the top of the list.  However, there is something so unique and mesmerizing about the concept and execution of “Monsters Inc” and “Monsters University.”  Also, the relationship between Sully, Mike, & Boo never ceases to tug at my heartstrings.

Video Source: https://youtu.be/6tCxnHCqqxg

Video Source: https://youtu.be/xBzPioph8CI

– Favorite Character(s) –

Mike Wazowski is stubborn.  No matter how many times he gets knocked down and told no, he gets back up and finds a way.  Woody hates change, but once he lets you into his heart, he never lets go.  Mike is a fighter, and Woody is a friend; I’d like to think those two labels describe me as well. 💖

– Favorite Scene –

I just watched this scene on Youtube and cried.  It gets me every time!!  😭  I think this scene affects me so deeply because I said a final goodbye to childhood within the past 4 years.  My childhood wasn’t perfect, but I can say with confidence that I pushed my imagination to infinity and beyond. ;)  Some people may not understand, but it was very hard for me when I started giving away my movies and toys.  I cried giving away my “Blue’s Clues” movies, not because I wanted to keep them but rather I truly cherished every piece of knowledge I had gained through that TV program.  When I sold my barbies, I took the time to clean them up and make them look nice because they had given me so many adventures; I wanted the next child to have the same experiences.  I still feel stuck in a transition period.  I am constantly listening to old songs and drowning myself in nostalgia.  Never be embarrassed to step back in time in order to feel happy. :)

– Favorite Song –

No contest!  “Life is a Highway” from “Cars.”  I dare you to watch the movie and resist the urge to sing along. 🎶

“There’s no load I can’t hold
Road so rough this I know
I’ll be there when the light comes in
Just tell ’em we’re survivors.”

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tXh_MfrMe0

Happy Birthday Pixar Part 2 – Happy Birthday Pixar! | Part 2

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– Lauren Michele <3

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