Change Just Ahead

Hello readers!  Can you believe it’s already February 2016??  I’m still mourning the loss of Christmas 2015.  My year has been interesting thus far.  Just as I was feeling comfortable at my new job, I was informed in advance of my last day.  I knew up front that my job was seasonal, but I had reason to believe my chances of attaining a permanent position were good.  On the positive side, I might be able to get my job back in the spring.  Meanwhile, what am I to do?  I could embrace this time off as a vacation, but that would get me nowhere in life.  I am a creative, passionate person.  I need to feel as though I’m doing something significant in order to sleep soundly at night.  I decided, after my panic attack, to face the change head on and see the opportunities it presented.  I have been keeping myself busy and giving tender, loving care to both of my blogs and my Youtube channel.  I love what I do, and now I have the chance to do it all day, every day (at least for now).  I hope each and every one of you has been enjoying the content.  Feel free to leave comments below!  Any and all feedback is welcome. :)

You’re familiar with what I post on this blog but here are links to the recent content on my art blog and Youtube channel:

Rachel Ryle

Best Dressed | SAG Awards 2016

Grease: Live! | My Review

It is now 1:36am, and I have had a lovely evening.  When my brother got home from work, we ate chicken & salad while watching “Talladega Nights: The Balled of Ricky Bobby” followed by some episodes of “Parks and Recreation.”  He went to bed at a decent hour while I stayed up to watch “The Biggest Loser.”  Three hours later and I’m watching “Friends” on Netflix.  I know it sounds like I’ve been unproductive, but I promise you I have been working this entire time. ;)  I’m going to sign off now.  Good night, sleep tight readers!

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– Lauren Michele <3

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