So Long, Farewell | Blogmas 2015

I apologize for the lack of posts these past couple of days.  I was trying really hard to recover from my illness in order to be strong enough for work.  I wasn’t successful, but I did survive and make it to my two days of freedom.  I hope you’re having a better Christmas Eve than me.  I’ve been moody all day.  Bleh!!  I’m trying to “reverse the curse” before midnight. :P Anywho, Blogmas has officially come to an end.  Until next year, merry Christmas readers!! :)

Here are links to ALL of my December activities:

– Artmas –

Artmas Day 1 – Amigurumi by Jean Greenhowe

Artmas Day 2 – Digital Art by Gregor Gorsic

Artmas Day 3 – Winnie the Pooh

Artmas Day 4 – Living in a Ginger World

Artmas Day 5 – Illustration by Tracy Hetzel

Artmas Day 6 – Makeup Merriment

Artmas Day 7 – Dancing in a Winter Wonderland

Artmas Day 8 – Marta Nael

Artmas Day 9 – Yulia Brodskaya

Artmas Day 10 – Midnight Magic

– Blogmas –

210 Followers | Blogmas 2015

I’m a Mess | Blogmas 2015

Lord of the Dance | Blogmas 2015

Retail Rant | Blogmas 2015

Elf in Recovery | Blogmas 2015

Deck the Halls | Blogmas 2015

Seasonal Sneezings | Blogmas 2015

Nipping at Your Nose | Blogmas 2015

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal | Blogmas 2015

Hold on Tight | Blogmas 2015

Good Night | Blogmas 2015

(  What a grumpy Christmas! ;)  )

– Vlogmas –

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– Lauren Michele <3

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