Good Night | Blogmas 2015

Good evening/morning readers!  It is 12:28 am, and I got home from work forty minutes ago.  I am currently wrapped up in blankets listening to the rain and watching “The Great Holiday Baking Show.”  I’m so glad Mary Berry finally made it to the USA. :D  My Sunday was eventful to say the least.  I once again stayed home from church because I was sick.  The week before was more of an exhaustion-related illness.  This week, I am actually S-I-C-K.  As I was preparing to chug ginger ale and get well, one of my managers called and asked me to work a double shift.  Although my head was pounding, I said yes because I knew she really needed help.  It was absolute hell dealing with holiday madness for 8 hours, but I survived.  Two more days of work and I will finally have time to relax and watch Christmas movies with my family.  TWO.  MORE.  DAYS.  HALLELUJAH!!!  All of you are most likely warm and snug in your beds right now so sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite. ;)

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– Lauren Michele <3

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