Hold on Tight | Blogmas 2015

Can somebody help me?  I’m looking for Christmas.  One minute it’s Halloween,and I’m cranking Christmas music.  Now it’s December 19th, and I’m mentally preparing for the end of the holiday season.  This month has been an emotional roller coaster ride, but now that everything is winding down, I don’t want to get off the “ride.”  I know I’m crazy for saying such a thing, but I’m a sentimental sap.  No matter how “Grinch” I feel during December, I always miss it when it’s gone.  I suppose the only way to handle my current state of mind is listen to the rain, eat ice cream, and watch “Love Actually.”  Going out with a BANG!! :D

Vlogmas – Lauren Michele

Artmas – Lauren Michele Photography – WordPress.com

6 days until Christmas…

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– Lauren Michele <3

P.S.  I don’t want to get too excited, but on Christmas day my city is expecting rain and temperatures below 30.  Could it be??  A white Christmas in California??  Please please pleeeeease!!

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