Nipping at Your Nose | Blogmas 2015

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It isn’t snowing in Southern California, except in the mountains, but it is finally cold.  And by cold, I mean freezing temperatures.  It’s about time!!!  I was getting fed up with sweating in my sweaters.  I’m still a little sick but much better than I was Sunday.  I’m working tonight so I spent my morning sleeping in and my afternoon relaxing on the couch blogging and watching Christmas movies.  Right now “Saved by the Bell” is playing.   I know, I know.  Such an exciting life!  I really wish I had more to blog about, but life in December has revolved around my new job.  “How is that going?” you might ask.  Forgive me for sounding like a whiny, broken record, but customers are so messy and inconsiderate.  The other day I found a Kate Spade perfume sans packaging on the floor under a display table.  KATE SPADE!!!  Who does that??  Last night, a fellow employee and I spent precious time cleaning up a spill in the beauty department.  Do you know how hard it is to wipe up beauty scrub?  Everything on the shelf was oily.  I don’t mind if a customer spills or break something because accidents happen, but tell an associate instead of leaving a mess that is potentially inconvenient/harmful to customers and/or other products.  Please & thank you.  In all seriousness, the job isn’t that bad.  I don’t hate it so that’s a plus.  On that note, I’m going to stop my rambling and go get ready for work.  I hope you are having a holly jolly Tuesday.  I shall return Thursday. ;)

* * * Get excited!!!  Today is the first day of Artmas.  Go check out the first artist – Artmas Day 1 – Amigurumi by Jean Greenhowe

Vlogmas – Lauren Michele

10 days until Christmas…

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– Lauren Michele <3

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