Deck the Halls | Blogmas 2015

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The Christmas Room:

Doesn’t that room look warm, festive, & inviting??  MyWebRoom is celebrating the holiday season by promoting their new folder feature.  Certain decor items have a label indicating a folder for saving articles, videos, websites, etc.  Here are some examples:

* * * Click any image to make it bigger

• Click on the dresser –

Click on the Christmas tree –

Click on the presents –

Click on the dog –

Did you forget how to get to the Christmas Room?  Here is the link one more time:


I made my own Christmas-themed room.  It is a cozy Christmas cabin.  Take a look!

Click on the chair –

Click on the bookshelf –

Click on the red presents –

Click on the Christmas tree –

Click on the television –

Click on the tea kettle and mug –

Click on the couch –

Click on the left wall picture –

Click on the right wall picture –

* * * Watch me decorate my cozy Christmas cabin:

Now it’s your turn!  Go to, make a room, and have some fun with your very own folders. :D

Vlogmas – Lauren Michele

4 days until Artmas – Lauren Michele Photography –

14 days until Christmas…

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– Lauren Michele <3

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