Retail Rant | Blogmas 2015

I have been a retail associate for two weeks and seen things that make me ill with disgust.  Now I know why my mom taught me and my brother to be thoughtful shoppers.  Part of my job is keeping the store clean, but that isn’t an excuse for customers to leave a mess.  Don’t leave cutting boards on the sunglasses rack.  Don’t spit out your gum on the floor.  Don’t put candy or toys on the shoe racks.  One purse per hook, not twenty.  When you look at an item and decide not to buy it, please put it back where you found it rather than leaving it on the floor or in a random department.  This is a season for love and joy.  Let us all, myself included, think of the employees giving of their time to help others prepare for Christmas.  Please be a considerate shopper this season and year-round!

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18 days until Christmas…

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