The Great Boot Detective

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My search began two years ago.  I was browsing through Pinterest and came across a picture of a pair of boots that were cute, stylish, and perfect for fall.  I instantly fell in love and had to know where I could buy them.  The picture I saw was the same picture you see below.  I clicked on the picture to find its source.  I was redirected here:

A Flickr member named Keiko posted the picture sans information about where the boots came from.  I did as much digging as I could with only a Flickr image.  I came up with nothing and resigned to living without the boots.  Goodbye love of my life!  Fast forward to August 21,2015.  My mom woke me up sometime after midnight (VERY EARLY) to excitedly inform me that she had found “The Boots.”  Due to the fact that we had completed a five-mile hike the previous day, I was exhausted and not nearly as excited as she was.  I promptly fell back to sleep.  However, when I woke up, I remembered the one-sided conversation and rushed to my computer to see what she had found.  Sure enough, my wonderful mother had finally found “The Boots.”  Here they are:

They are made to order in Italy so it took a few weeks for them to arrive.  What is a few weeks compared to 2 years?!  Finally.  FINALLY I had “The Boots” in my hands.  Thank you mom!!  <3

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Boots_Side 1


Boots_Side 2

The color differs from the Flickr picture, but I think that has a lot to do with age.  Also, the Flickr picture was taken in the rain so the shoes are wet and therefore look darker.  Despite the appearance being different than what I expected, I have zero complaints.  The color is appealing and versatile, and the shoe is comfortable.  The search was worth it!!

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– Lauren Michele <3

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