Throwback Thursday

Thank You For My Amazing Childhood (Source:

The meme says it all.  In regard to television, I had an amazing childhood.  It was so awesome that even at 21 years of age, I jump on every opportunity to watch a show or movie from the late 90s or early 2000s.  In fact, I am watching “Even Stevens” right now.  Yes, that’s right.  I.  Am.  Cool.  I wanted to discuss this topic because Disney Channel has finally responded to the cries of millennials and added a block of old shows to their weekly schedule, shows such as “Even Stevens”, “Lizzie McGuire”, and “That’s So Raven.”  The block, entitled  “Disney Replay”, comes on late Wednesday night and ends early Thursday morning.  It is literally “Throwback Thursday.”  I can’t help but crave a little credit.  I know that sounds outrageous but hear me out.  For years I have listened to and read complaints from millennials about the new Disney Channel shows.  All they wanted, all we wanted was to have a piece of our childhood back.  I thought creating a separate channel for nothing but “throwback” shows was a great idea, but I will settle for six hours per week… for now!  I know I don’t actually deserve credit but the idea is genius, right??  The point is I am satisfied.  Disney Channel finally saw the light.  Hallelujah!  I have three links for you before I say good bye and good night.  The first link is my Pinterest board “Childhood” dedicated to nothing but movies, toys, and television shows from my childhood; if you are curious and/or want to follow me, click on the link.  The second link is a Youtube video I did answering questions from the “Early 2000s Tag”; if you want to know facts such as my favorite “throwback” Disney Channel show, click the link.  The third and final link is the official Disney Replay website; if you have one of the cable providers listed on the site, you can log in and watch episodes from “throwback” shows such as “Cory in the House”, “Ducktales”, and “Kim Possible.”  Enjoy!



Disney Replay:


– Lauren Michele :)

“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”  – Tom Stoppard

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