Blogmas 2014 – Christmas Time in California

Christmas at the beach

Long time no “see” readers!!  Allow me to offer an explanation for being M.I.A.  After I graduated from college in September, I unexpectedly lost my desire to write.  I not only stopped blogging but also journaling and writing poetry.  I was shocked but had to allow myself a period of rest considering I had just survived a three-year college grind.  I have been unable to motivate myself… Until now!!   I am sure it is obvious from my enthusiasm last year that I LOVE Christmas.  I couldn’t let every other blogger and vlogger have all the fun so I am reviving my blog just in time for all the December festivities.  Today is December 1st, day one of Blogmas, and this post is all about location, location, location.  For the first time in twelve years, I am spending the holidays in the Golden State.  Despite the fact that I am a California girl, born and semi-raised, Texas has spoiled me with cold temperatures and mild snow.  I used to hate the cold because I was used to sun year round, but once I adjusted to the lower temperatures and discovered new fashion choices (boots, scarves, sweaters, etc), I was obsessed.  In fact, my favorite time of year is November 1st – January 1st.  Being on the west coast again is a bittersweet experience.  I love the sights and people, but getting into the Christmas spirit is hard to do when the sun is shining 24/7.  All I can do is be thankful for my family and a place to live and pray that God sends cooler temperatures my way as a Christmas gift, preferably during the daytime and not at night when I am sleeping.

I hope this blog post finds each and every one of you warm, snug, and merry.  I shall be back tomorrow for Blogmas day 2.  Stay tuned!!

– Lauren Michele

“When little children in the East
Are playing in the snow,
I live in California
Where winter roses grow.

While they are sliding on the ice,
And snow is on the land,
I am playing in the ocean waves.
And digging in the sand.

No sleigh bells ever tinkle,
There are no snowbells here,
But oranges grow on the trees,
And flowers all the year.”  – M.S. Hosmer

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