Rosh Hashanah 2014

Rosh Hashanah 2014

Shalom readers!!  I will keep this post short and “sweet” (PUN INTENDED) in honor of the Jewish New Year celebration.  I am feeling very grateful today because my recovery from [wisdom teeth] surgery has been, for the most part, smooth sailing.  There have been moments of pain and discomfort, but the exchange was sleep and ice cream.  Do I really have cause to complain??  I may not be part of an elaborate Rosh Hashanah celebration, but I am celebrating in my heart.  I have one favor to ask: I am restricted from eating anything but soft foods for obvious reasons.  Will someone please eat challah and something made from apples for me??  Please & thank you.

In honor of my Sephardic ancestors, I leave you with this Ladino greeting: “Anyada Buena, para munchos anyos.”

“Have a good year for many years.”

L’shanah Tovah readers!!

– Lauren Michele :)

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