Hola readers!!  It is a cool, sunny morning in Texas, and I want to spread the autumn cheer with all of you.  First things first.  Why Jaws???  well, all four of my wisdom teeth were removed yesterday morning at 10am, and I felt the movie reference was appropriate in a comedic way.  You may wondering why I am so happy if I just had surgery.  I admit I was very nervous going into the operation, but the whole experience has been quick and only slightly uncomfortable.  At 9am, I took my pre-surgery pill.  At 10am, I was taken into the operating room and given oxygen.  I began to relax and feel very very sleepy,but I refused to fall asleep despite my suspicion that I was supposed to.  Sometime soon after, the doctor walked in and began to talk to me.  “Are you feeling sleepy?”  “Yes.”  Did you take your pill one hour earlier?”  “Yes.”  Did it make you feel relaxed and sleepy?”  “Yes.”  When is the last time you ate?”  “8 o’clock last night.”  “Good.”  “What did you eat?”  “A turkey dog.”  “That sounds good.  What is your favorite condiment?”  At the exact time that I answered “Mustard”, an IV needle was inserted into my arm.  I do not remember being conscious after that.  I heard voices during the surgery, but I think what I remember was the very end of the operation, right before they sat me up and put me into a wheelchair.  I did not feel very silly or drowsy.  I felt a little sleepy, but I was very much alert albeit slow-moving.  I was taken to my car, and I slept the whole way home.  My mom later informed me that the whole thing took twenty minutes.  I slept most of the day although I had to wake up at certain times for an ice pack, medicine, food, and water.  The swelling was gone by late evening.  Thank the Lord because my tongue felt ten times too big for my mouth, and not talking just about killed me.  You know that ache you feel after smiling or laughing for an extended period of time?  That’s how my face feels.  Not too bad.  The whole process has been very smooth.  Not even the liquid diet has brought down my mood.  Yay!!  Well, I think I’ve yapped enough for one blog post.  I shall return soon.

Stay relaxed readers!!

“If you take my wisdom tooth, does it transfer my wisdom to you?”  “Sort of.  I’m now 500 bucks wiser.”  – B.C. Comic Strip  (http://alphacomedy.com/gallery/media/bc/45886.html)

– Lauren Michele  :)

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