Soarin’ Over California


OH…MY…GOODNESS!!!  Long time no “see” readers.  School controlled my life for the past two months, and I was unable to do anything but shoot and edit photographs.  I feel so bad and offer my sincerest apologies.  I am now on a 3-week break and plan on writing at least one blog post per week, three total.  You may be wondering about my post title.  I was at Disneyland yesterday, and I rode the ride “Soarin’ Over California” for the first time.  I loved my home state before but love it even more now.  The ride simulates a flight using a mechanical lift and a large projector screen.  It never ceases to amaze me how diverse California landscapes are.  I was beaming with pride, and my mom teared up.  I felt special because I could look at each and every scene and say “This is where I come from.”  I highly recommend that ride to anyone and everyone who visits Disneyland, even if you are not a Californian.  It is a beautiful experience.  Well, I am off to take a nap, but I shall return very soon.

Stay loyal readers!!

– Lauren Michele :)

“The sand may brush off, the salt may wash clean, the tans may fade, but the memories will last forever.”  – Unknown


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