Hanging On



That moment right before rock bottom when a rope drops from Heaven to rescue you.  You tug the rope to ensure security, and it falls at your feet because no anchoring force existed at the other end.  I am there.

Yes, I am well aware that the introduction was melodramatic.  Keep in mind that I am a poet, and my venting language will always sound unconventional.  Moving on.  This quarter has been a puzzle.  Mid-terms are already in full swing, and I made my schedule for next quarter today.  There is not enough time in each day.  I am working every possible minute except when I absolutely need sleep in order to stay at least 1% sane.  What lies before me seems an impossible task; I am working hard to diminish my current to-do list, but it keeps growing, creating an illusion that I am accomplishing nothing.  Have you ever had this same feeling?

I apologize that my past few blog posts have been so bleak, at least in comparison to Blogmas 2013 (my Christmas blog posts).  As a writer, I believe in total honesty therefore I do not embellish the truth to make it more appealing.  I write about my genuine feelings, whether depressing or pleasant.  I have heard that it is normal to feel unmotivated and stuck during the last few months leading up to graduation.

“The hardest push comes right before the reward.”

Let us all press on towards our current goal(s) together.  Keep your head up and eyes forward readers!

– Lauren Michele  :)

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