New Beginnings


I have been so busy enjoying my vacation that I have neglected my blog.  As a bonus, I will now answer the questions that were not answered within my 25 posts of Christmas.

Favorite Christmas song (contemporary): “Joseph’s Lullaby” by MercyMe.  I like that this song because it focuses on Joseph’s role as a father to the Son of God, a story that is not often considered and/or discussed.  This is also my favorite Christmas song overall.

Favorite Decoration: The nativity scene that my family has owned since before I was born.  I hope to someday inherit it and pass it down to my children.

Favorite ornament: A miniature Stewart family tree that my grandma made in 1999 using a Christmas tree.

Favorite holiday reminder: Nothing puts me in a Christmas mood more than music.  It is such a huge part of my life that I naturally react to it more so than anything else.

Favorite Activity: The process of gift-giving from start to finish: budgeting, making a list, finding the best deals, purchasing, secrecy, wrapping, giving, and experiencing the reaction.  The satisfaction of making someone happy is worth the effort, whether great or small.

Favorite TV Special: I have a soft spot for the Flintstones Christmas specials.  I grew up watching the Flintstones and eating their vitamins.  The least I could do, in return, is support their show in the 21st century.

As I enter 2014, I can’t hep but marvel at how much has been accomplished during a time period that seemed to last but a few months.  We get so busy that time flies, and only when we are forced to take a break do we realize how much is done.  I receive consistently good grades in college and am only 8 months away from graduation.  I spent one hour on my first day of college crying in a bathroom stall.  My family has been separated for the past two years due to my dad’s job; I said I could never make it, and here we are, about to be reunited in less than a year.  How can I give credit to anyone else but God?  All I have left to say is… Happy New Year!!!  May God bless 2014 in ways that exceed our 2013 expectations.

– Lauren Michele  :)


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