Jesus is the Reason for the Season


The day is finally here, and I can’t sleep, hence my early blog post.  As is my tradition, I watched The Nativity Story last night; I laughed, I cried, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Here is my December 25th favorite:

What is your favorite holiday piece of art?  The painting “Journey to Bethlehem” by Joseph F. Brickey.  Buckle your seat belts because I am about to give you a genuine art critique: The overall softness of the painting matches the impending birth of a baby, a gentle package with a powerful destiny.  It also adds an appealing haze to the nature elements; the scenery is green and yellow and bathed in warm light, two elements that parallel with the idea that Jesus was likely born during summer or fall.  A stream of light is highlighting the importance of the journey taking place.  Joseph’s face expresses weariness from the journey and determination to reach the destination.  There are not many details regarding the journey to Bethlehem, but I am sure it was not easy.  The little boy’s face is full of curiosity, typical of a boy his age; little does he know his peers will very soon be worshiping the child within the woman’s womb.  Mary’s face is young and full of innocence.  She looks calm despite the fact that she is making such a journey while pregnant.  Her steady gaze holds intent, as if she knows what role shepherds play in the birth of Jesus.

I hope you enjoyed my art critique; that was my gift to you, my art school education put to use.

Jesus is the Reason for not only this season but every season; your celebration does not have to end at midnight.  Merry CHRISTmas readers!!!

– Lauren Michele  :)


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