Prairie Christmas


I am sitting in the TV room with my mom catching up on Christmas movies and specials, and I can’t help but shed a tear.  Christmas is coming to an end.  I hate that the best time of year has to end, but I suppose it must.  Moving on to happier thoughts, here is my December 22nd favorite:

What is your favorite holiday TV episode?  Back in my childhood days, I would put my hair in two braids and skip around with a pretend lunch pail.  I even attached two belts to a chair and created my own buckboard (a.k.a. a wagon).  I was practically Laura Ingalls, minus Almanzo Wilder.  Years later and I am still watching Little House on the Prairie and dreaming of such a life.  After all that, it is easy to deduce what TV show my favorite holiday TV episode comes from.  The episode title is “A Christmas They Never Forgot.”  The synopsis is as follows: The Ingalls, Kendall, and Wilder families are gathered for Christmas along with Hester Sue.  They get snowed in at the Ingalls homestead and spend the night reliving memories from Christmases past.  The episode is charming and wholesome, as is expected from the beloved show; it also reveals unknown details about Almanzo Wilder, Caroline Ingalls, and Hester Sue.  Diehard fans are given an opportunity to connect on an even deeper level with the characters.  If you are an LHOTP fan and crave nostalgia, this is the episode for you.

Stay merry readers!  Only 3 more days until Christmas…

– Lauren Michele  :)

“Nostalgia is a powerful feeling; It can drown out anything.”  – Terrence Malick


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