Ghost of Christmas Past


Coming off of a Christmas memory high, I am about to get a little gloomy (temporarily).  We all have at least one horrible Christmas memory.  Why not vent and get it over with???  My December 9th “Favorite”:

What is your worst Christmas memory?  Thankfully, I have never had a horrible Christmas.  However, my answer to this question would be last Christmas and this Christmas combined.  Why?  My dad’s job is in California, and I am still finishing college in Texas; my brother lives with my dad, and my mom lives with me.  My dad came home for Christmas last year, and he and my brother are coming this year.  Why is that bad?  I only get to share Christmas day with my entire family.  It is, of course, a blessing to spend anytime with them, but I miss sharing the entire month of movies, music, shopping, and Christmas spirit with them.  That is why Christmas 2012-2013 is my worst Christmas memory.  May God bless this Christmas and reunite my family next year!

Do you have any bad Christmas memories?

Stay merry readers!

– Lauren Michele  :)

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”  – Friedrich Nietzsche


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